Greetings on a Sunday

Greetings on a lovely Sunday, and a Happy Father’s Day to all.  What would we do without the magnificent and special energy fathers bring to the world?  Enjoy a day of movement, relaxation and celebration of Nature’s gifts.
Last week my brother-in-law and his 10 year old daughter visited us from Hong Kong for a few days. It was the first time we met our niece,  a bright and energetic youngster.  From the moment she crossed the threshold, I could tell we were going to be great pals.  She was full of life and excitement despite the long day of travel and the time difference. She asked and answered many questions before she was ready to call it a day!
While walking on the lawn on the second night of their visit, she was treated to the silent and spectacular light show put on by the fireflies every June.  Although it is something we take for granted at this time of the year, she had never seen them in her life and she wanted to catch one so she could see up close just exactly how it was making the light.  Unfortunately, they travel quite a distance between ‘flashes’ and our efforts proved futile that first evening.  We promised her we would go out the next night, her last opportunity this trip.
The next evening, accompanied by her father and uncle and equipped with a wide-mouthed jar, she patiently waited for the first flashes to begin.  It was still light out and she was able to see and capture the mysterious beetles and observe them closely.  When she had about ten specimens in her jar, she ran into the house bubbling with excitement, announcing to the rest of us that she had been successful.  We gathered around and watched the bioluminescence for a few minutes, our niece thrilled with each twinkle.  It was impossible not to share her joy.  We all agreed when she said it was time to free them so they wouldn’t perish from the confinement.
Our niece’s questions about fireflies (and my need to have answers) prompted a search on my part.  I now know more about fireflies than I ever thought I wanted to and it has been extremely informative and entertaining research.   I have many questions on the practical uses of this knowledge which I will ponder in days to come.  For now, I am happy to have connected deeply with a part of myself that had been in a bit of a slumber.    Our niece was my own personal firefly, the kindle I needed to remind me that our world is full of wonder and magic, sometimes right in our own backyard.  I think that’s a good thing, how about you?
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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