The world I want begins with me!

I am greeting a beautiful, sunny Sunday and I hope wherever you find yourself today, that is true for you as well. Take advantage of the morning to move your body, relax your mind and entertain thoughts of what you want to accomplish in the second half of 2011! Happy Fourth of July and Canada Day to all who celebrate, enjoy time with friends and family.

My week has been a hectic but wonderful one. Early Wednesday morning, I picked up half the coffee plants that I recently purchased and as I drove home, I felt a sudden jolt of joy when I realized that one of my goals 12 years ago was finally being realized. The road ahead as far as my coffee ‘plantation’ promises to be an arduous one but one that I look forward to with optimism and commitment.

The past several weeks have found my family and me entertaining relatives and friends who live far away. For some, it has been their first visit. One of the most exciting things for me when people visit for the first time is that I get to revisit places and see them again from the perspective of the new arrivals. It is easy to overlook the beauty of our landscape when we are a part of the landscape on a daily basis and when our busy lives don’t allow us to contemplate our surroundings as they deserve to be contemplated. I am grateful for every opportunity my relatives and friends afford me when they visit, I hope they know this.

A few days ago, my daughter, my niece and I headed to Puntarenas for a few hours. We listened to music that made us sing and dance and laugh with abandon. I enjoy listening to tunes with young people that manage to transcend our age difference and musical preferences. One of the songs that blasted from our speakers was Ricky Martin’s “Más”* where he sings that we have to demand more from life. I would say that rather than demand more from life, we have to bring more to our life, be present, become unstoppable in our purpose. The world I want begins with me. How about the world you want?

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week!

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