Internal Kingdom


Another Sunday greets us, another opportunity to contribute to the well-being of our loved ones and our planet.  Get out early and enjoy the day.


In a few minutes, I will be going to the Central Park of Atenas to set up tables and chairs for an activity that has been in the planning for several months: the gathering of Atenienses who were born or raised here and who live in or out of the county.  We are hoping for a good turnout and although the day is starting out a little cloudy, I am confident the rains will hold off for a few hours.


When the idea of the gathering first came up, a group of students from the 1952 6th grade class asked whether they might be able to show their appreciation for their teacher by fastening a sign to a tree that they planted with her almost 60 years ago.  The tree didn’t get very tall because the hole was not deep enough for the roots to take hold properly; but it survives and is host to a variety of bromeliads and orchids (as well as the occasional pranks by youngsters who don’t yet appreciate the damage they are doing).


The teacher being honored was an inspiration to her students and remains active despite the fact that she is in her 90’s.  I am eager to meet her and ask about the secrets of longevity and warmheartedness her life has demonstrated.  I was not always fond of all my teachers,  tolerating their disapproval of my work or my personal traits because I thought they were probably right.  In my quest for personal development, however, I have come to realize that the only one who knows and controls my internal kingdom ever single moment is me.


I believe I am an expert in ‘me’, I have a good idea of who I am and am more likely to reject an opinion that does not concur with my reality than I am to be crushed by it.  I am energized by thoughts of aging with wisdom and I look forward to sharing my life with those who love me and whom I love. How about you?


Have an exceptional day and a productive week.

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