Finding inspiration unexpectedly

My best greetings to you on this Sunday morning.  My hopes are that the morning you are greeting is a special and beautiful as mine.  I invite you to keep that promise to yourself to move a little and eat healthily one meal at a time.  Just a small change here and there will make a big difference in the long run.  I am trying to follow my own advice!

I am sitting on my terrace watching the steady progress of an airplane making its way into our international airport to meet its scheduled arrival time.  It is either bringing passengers who are first-time visitors or ones coming for a repeat visit to our tiny paradise.  Migrating leisurely in the other direction is large bird whose cargo is light and whose seemingly undemanding schedule is known only to him.  As I watch this pair of amazing creatures, I am reminded of Leonardo Da Vinci * and his extraordinary powers of invention.   I read somewhere that he thought of himself as a keen observer and credited that skill for his success in creating his masterpieces.  I was inspired when I read that and hope my own powers of observation will one day allow me to create a written masterpiece!
When I first began writing my Sundays e-pistles (as my husband calls them), I did so in an effort to bring inspiration to a community I felt was lacking an external force that would galvanize it into the action required to create the perfect setting I envisioned living in!  I was extremely ambitious (and narcissistic, I might add)  in my quest and did not grasp the true nature of what I wanted to accomplish in a community that was perfectly satisfied with the status quo and therefore perfect as it is in its own way.  It takes a while before things become evident to me but, thankfully, by that time I am in a place of acceptance.
My friend, Rick Mazza, who passed away yesterday morning, always received my writings with pleasure. We did not see each other often, as we ‘moved in different circles’ ,  but he would sometimes write me back with his thoughts; send me a schedule of upcoming motor cross (a passion of his) events to publish; call out a warm greeting from the driver’s seat as we passed each other while doing errands or just give me a big hug when we met on the street. Despite his long-term fragile health and almost constant pain, he always found a reason to laugh and was grateful for the life and friends he was able to make in Atenas, just the way it is.  I will miss his easy style and know that I will find evidence of his influence on my thinking for many years to come.  May you rest in peace, Rick, we will miss you in Atenas.
Have a wonderful day and a great week, filled with people and places you love.

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