Town and Country


I wish you well as I write today and I encourage you to plan an early outing which will surely benefit your body, your mind and your spirit.
The view as I compose my message is strikingly different from the one that typically surrounds me on Sunday mornings.    I am once again spending some time in New York (more specifically Queens) where the temperature is high, unique summer activities are abundant, and nightfall comes so late one is bound to be tired when the head finally descends on the pillow.  My coffee, however, is still delicious and from Atenas.  I never travel without it.
My eligibility to move freely because of my dual citizenship is something I have never taken for granted.  On this trip, I have witnessed children serving as translators for their parents; groups of unemployed immigrants standing on corners waiting for a chance to be picked up as day laborers; women waiting their turn to receive nickels for returning cans and bottles; and busboys with incredible endurance and timid smiles laboring another day.  I imagine it is necessary for them to live this way in order to become part of the diverse population of New York and I admire their courage.
Something happens to me when I come to New York.  ‘The city never sleeps’ is a common slogan and I admit that it applies to me when I am here.  I visit the local library and borrow as many books as I can carry, devouring them and returning them quickly so I can borrow others.  I purchase the fruits and vegetables that aren’t found in Atenas and savor every bite with the gusto of the recently-rescued.  I walk the streets and notice everything that is provided for the people, unable not to compare them to the streets ‘back home’.
When I return to the apartment and close the door, I miss everything I left in Atenas, my personal paradise.  I consider myself a ‘town and country’ woman;  that is why we chose to live in Atenas.  It is close enough to the ‘town’ of San José yet we can get back to the ‘country’ in less than an hour.  My visit to New York has rekindled my interest in participating in the creation of a Cultural Center in Atenas. I am convinced that recreational and cultural centers in New York add greatly to the quality of life of the people who manage to eventually integrate into their communities. I dream of being part of the creation of something meaningful like a cultural center;  what do you dream?
Have a wonderful day and blessings to all who celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow.

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