A fig tree

We have had very nice weather here in New York during the last few days and today is no exception. My children and I will be setting off to Manhattan in about an hour to visit the MoMA (http://moma.org). The long walk to the subway gives us the opportunity to communicate ideas and get a healthy start on the day. I hope that you have the chance to move your body and have the company of a pet or a friend to make it more pleasant.

Our neighborhood of Woodside, Queens is filled with architectural structures that are as diverse as the population. There is an abundance of pre-war buildings coexisting with single family townhouses. The combination of edifices provided an interesting panorama as I made my way around the community when I went to the laundromat yesterday (some domestic chores can’t be avoided altogether). It is wonderful to see the tiny gardens with fruit or vegetables that are planted with devotion year after year by the residents.

I enjoy the time I spend here. It presents me with the right set of circumstances to allow me to take a break from the busy life I lead in Atenas and observe it with a different frame of mind. As each day comes to an end, I check off another item on our agenda, grateful that my penchant for a proper ‘schedule’ does not go on vacation just because I do. We will go back to Costa Rica with several items unchecked, but that will give us something to begin our next trip with. We will return with wonderful memories and a lot of great pictures!

My parents were always involved in the communities in which they lived, Woodside was no exception. They were part of a small group of residents who formed a block association and planned activities to keep the neighborhood a clean and safe place in which to live. Each year when I come, I spend a little time doing light maintenance outdoors, greeting people as they walk by. I am touched when they remember them and the contributions they made to the area.

My parents inherited a young fig tree when they purchased this house in 1977. It is planted in a tiny area right outside the garage. I used to chuckle when I saw my mother cover the tree in blankets every winter and teased her for her ‘agricultural’ ambitions in her concrete garden. She waved me off and continued her chore while dispensing her philosophy about planting and harvesting. I was immensely pleased the other day when I walked out of the house and saw an abundance of figs ripening on that very tree. My admiration for my parents grows year after year and I hope that my own children will have similar memories me. I am inspired to continue to contribute to my community when I think about future generations. What about you?

Have a beautiful Sunday and a wonderful week, Marietta

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