Park Avenue

Greetings friends,

I am writing to you from the comfort of my kitchen as I welcome a typical ‘winter’ morning in Atenas. The exuberantly green vegetation, product of the steady rainfall of the season, lifts my spirits and reminds me of why I live here. My thoughts are with all who reside in the East Coast of the U.S. where “Irene” is making her visit. For them, I encourage indoor movement today; the rest of us should still go out and get some fresh air before the afternoon rains come.

The past three weeks in New York were busy ones for me. The time went by very quickly, as it does for us all regardless of where we are. I am always eager to walk in New York with its ample sidewalks and respectful drivers. I love to feel that quintessential energy, to know that on any given block I can find something to contemplate or something that entertains or disturbs me.

One day I was walking along Park Avenue with my friend and she commented that she ‘could feel the money’. I smiled in agreement at the time, but I found myself examining the casual comment often in the days that followed. I asked myself repeatedly what it was that made Park Avenue have the ‘feel of money’ the other avenues lacked.

Park Avenue carries both north and southbound traffic in Manhattan but it is the greenery in the median of this wide boulevard that truly distinguishes it from the other avenues. The median is always in ‘bloom’ regardless of the season and has been maintained by the Fund for Park Avenue since 1980( The fund relies on the annual support of buildings, corporations and individuals who are interested in providing their community with visual respite from the constant traffic, noise and pollution.

The palpable elegance in the spotless part of Park Avenue we walked along is more than just about wealth. It is a physical manifestation of one person’s dream converted into reality and supported by a community that has deeply held notions of responsibility for making their region something to be proud of. We don’t need to be wealthy to do that, we just need be committed to taking care of our own space. If we each did that, we too could be proud of what we offer our residents and visitors. I think that it’s an attainable goal, what do you think?

Have a wonderful day and a great week. Stay safe, Marietta

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