Which weighs more for you?

Greetings friends,

I awakened this morning conscious of the fact that today marks the 10th anniversary of the demise of the World Trade Center Towers, the emblematic symbols of New York which I had taken for granted my entire working life. The news of their destruction reached me as I was dropping our children off at school in Cariari. I felt unbearable anxiety until my husband (whose office was near the towers) called to let us know he was safe. Our world has forever changed and we know that life is unpredictable and precious. I am grateful for each moment I am given. I strive to make life-affirming choices which allow me to experience serenity and good health. I encourage you to do so as well, beginning today.

Yesterday morning, we attended the funeral mass for a woman from our neighborhood who passed away peacefully on Friday. She was 93 years old and is survived by 64 grandchildren, 80 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren. She was a warm, caring and upright human being whose values have been passed down from generation to generation. I did not know her personally but by knowing many of her relatives and the simple, honest way they live their lives, I can sense how she scattered the seeds of wisdom which reveal the way she lived hers. The service provided a wonderful opportunity for loved ones to gather and share an important transition in their family. I was deeply moved to find myself in the midst of the congregation.

After the ceremony, we came home and I devoted some time to the many chores that consume me on the weekend. I found my mind scattered, unable to focus on any task for long. My attention kept reverting to the many incidents that affected me during the week, incidents that made me feel that life was not supporting me; such as waiting at the bank (again) for interminable minutes just to make a simple deposit. I wonder how we have the audacity to think Costa Rica will ever come out of its slumber when we can’t even train bank tellers to come out of theirs! My mood began a downward spiral which I rarely allow myself. I indulged in it for a change, for a little while.

Eventually, I shook it off and focused on the mostly good things that had happened to me this past week. One incident in particular stands out: I was coming out of the mall on Wednesday, it was pouring and I had groceries in both hands. I was attempting to open my umbrella while holding on to my groceries, an impossible and surely comical performance. A man approached me and offered me a deal: he would open my umbrella if I would walk his wife to their car. I agreed without hesitation and we chatted amiably, elated and dry as a result of our interaction. I felt just as elated remembering the incident as when it happened and I realize that for me, positive memories weigh more than the negative ones; they are the ones I will choose to focus on today. I think it’s a better choice, how about you?

Have a wonderful day filled with beauty and serenity and a great week, Marietta

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