Counting Blessings Instead of Sorrows

Greetings friends,

I woke up this morning with an indescribable feeling of well-being and contentment. I lazily opened my eyes and heard my husband making his way to our room with my first cup of coffee (from Atenas, of course!). I smiled, feeling my heart swell up with gratitude for the constant joys in my life that he provides. I hope in some small measure, I do the same for him. It is my fondest wish that our children and all of you are equally surrounded by loved ones today as you make time for movement and opt for healthy nutrition.

A few months ago, I made a conscious decision to stop reading the newspapers or watching the nightly news. The constant flow of negative headlines was detrimental to my mood. I could sense gloominess was in danger of becoming my steady companion. The lighthearted disposition that is part of my nature became inconspicuous. My casual interactions with people were commonly devoid of authenticity because I became paranoid and mistrustful; attributes which are foreign to my character. My decision to eliminate the sources of my discomfort have served me very well in the last few months.

Yesterday I went to visit my parents and noticed three fresh newspapers lying on a table. The lure to take a quick glance was too much for my enquiring mind and I furtively turned page after page to see what I have been missing all this time. The first few pages were devoted to the horrific violence of the last few days; other pages revealed trouble with our public institutions, governmental offices and national soccer. Naturally, all the papers were filled with advertisements encouraging us to spend our money on a variety of products and services. Nothing has changed in media world, or in Costa Rica, since I stopped reading.

I put the papers aside and picked up a photo album that my father had been organizing. The pictures brought back very early memories of family gatherings and celebrations. I looked over at my mother, sleeping peacefully unaware of my presence. I felt at once nostalgic and lonely. My father’s comments were just a murmur in the background, as they usually were when my mother was well and we were together. It occurred to me rather suddenly that I now have the unique opportunity to get to know my father the way I knew my mother. I consider this opportunity a magnificent blessing, the awareness of which contributed to my sense of well-being this morning. As you go about your day, I encourage you to spend time counting your blessings instead of your sorrows. It is a better option, don’t you agree?

Have a beautiful Sunday and a marvelous week, Marietta

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