Small triumphs

Dear friends,

I greet you today with deep appreciation for the beautiful setting that surrounds me. The hummingbirds dance, unaware of my enchantment with them as they hover from flower to flower sipping the fuel nature provides for them. As I walk around the property later today to examine my coffee plants, I know I will be surrounded by these tiny jewels, who are as comfortable with me as I am with them. I encourage you to walk around your neighborhood early today, before the sun gets too hot or the rains fall upon us.

As I was going to sleep on Friday evening, I remarked to my husband that I needed to wake up early on Saturday. He nodded in agreement, thinking, no doubt, that I had an early appointment with a client or friend and that I didn’t want to be late. I didn’t share with him that my important early appointment was called “housekeeping”! You see, every morning for the last few months, I have been waking up to a cobweb directly above me in the corner of the ceiling. And every evening, when I turn out my light, the same cobweb bids me goodnight.

Upon rising each morning for the last few weeks, I have been intent on finding the long-handled broom and taking care of this cobweb. My attention is quickly diverted as soon as I walk into the living area and spot my laptop. I am drawn to it, coffee (from Atenas, of course) in hand. I read and respond to my emails. Then I go for my daily laps which ‘officially’ begin my day. I move on with my responsibilities, appointments, and errands for the day and forget all about the long-handled broom until I retire and see the familiar threads above me one more night.

On Friday evening, my disappointment in myself reached an unacceptable level. It was not only the cobweb. During the day, I remembered that the outside dog’s water bowl needed a good scrubbing; the day got away from me and I didn’t take care of it. The front porch was in need of a thorough sweeping, and once I went inside the house, I promptly forgot all about it. The kitchen counter was littered with books, magazines and small slips of paper. The recycling area’s bins were overflowing. The list was lengthy and I felt overwhelmed and discouraged as I fell asleep.

Saturday morning came quickly and found me ready for the challenge! I ignored my laptop; my first private victory for the day! I energetically de-cluttered and cleaned the kitchen counter. I bundled the recyclables. I scrubbed and filled the dog’s water bowl. I swept the front porch. I was just about to tackle the cobweb when I noticed that my husband had already taken care of that one and others he found throughout the house. In addition, he was changing lightbulbs that had burned out weeks ago. It was a good day for our team and when I woke up this morning to a cobweb-less ceiling, I was filled with satisfaction for this small triumph.

I wish you a day and a week filled with many small triumphs, which are sometimes more satisfying than big ones, Marietta

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