An unexpected source of motivation

Greetings Friends,

Although it is hard to see, the sun has risen this morning and we are beginning another Sunday. I won’t pretend this much rain excites me, but I admit that when my feet are properly shod and I remember to carry an umbrella, I can still manage that walk for health and movement.
Afterwards, I come indoors and the expectation of drinking a warm cup of soup or tea becomes an unsurpassable, if tiny, comfort. Try it today and see if you don’t agree.

A while ago, I shared that I had (for the most part) stopped reading the newspapers due to the barrage of negative news that I prefer to do without. Although I am not reading the papers, I do occasionally purchase a few for other practical uses around the house. These uses include, but are not limited to: catching the many drops that fall from the ceiling after this much rain; getting the perfect shine on our mirrors and glass surfaces; positioning at the door to catch the mud from the dog’s paws when they enter the house; and leaving in one particular bathroom in case our ‘senior citizen’ dog needs to relieve herself during the night while we are sleeping.

I am a knowledge junkie and, as such, reading almost anything is one of my passions. We scatter the newspapers strategically so they serve their purpose but are not that unsightly. I have recently discovered that the distribution of the newspapers in this manner has added an unexpected component to my days and my reading. Headlines of different sizes greet me as I walk from area to area. Sometimes my eyes rest on the various advertisements and I can see what holiday is coming up or has just passed, or what tremendous bargains I have missed!

Once in a while, as I peruse these bulletins I feel like I am stuck in a Costa Rican time machine, not moving forward or backward, Tico style. You all know that I say that with some authority and mostly profound love for my quirky, diminutive paradise. The headlines are identical: problems with the health system; the congress paralyzed due to some minor issue; the roads collapsed (again) due to faulty construction; the union protests; the teachers striking. The list is endless, yet we still say “Pura Vida” often and know it to be true.

This morning, my eyes caught a full-page ad* depicting a blindfolded little girl trying to strike open a colorful butterfly piñata. It was the butterfly that originally caught my eye. Later, I read the caption: “The world is full of opportunities. And according to our calendar, today is the perfect day to go out and look for them. Discover what you can accomplish.” A great way to start the day! A serendipitous motivational message in the most unlikely place! I think I’ll heed the call, what about you? Don’t forget the umbrella!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

(* La Nación, October 10, 2011 Scotiabank)

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