Following up …

Dear Friends,

Greetings on this Sunday which I hope will bring us some sunshine! Go out for just a little while and get in that movement and meditation. There are many activities scheduled in the park today to celebrate the Feast of San Rafael, Patron Saint of Atenas and I hope many of us attend and show support for this fundraiser, something (under new ‘management’) very different from previous celebrations.

During the past week, Noticias Repretel’s (Channel 6) broadcasts included a series focusing on taxicab drivers and ‘modified’ taxicab meters. The reports outlined some steps we can take to protect ourselves from being victims of this disturbing and widespread practice. At some point, a list of names and plate numbers was forwarded to COSEVI, the institution that regulates these things. Many taxicab drivers protested (peacefully) in front of the Repretel’s studio demanding a copy of the list. As customary, the protest ended quickly and peacefully and I was never certain whether the list was handed over to the taxicab drivers or not!

Nothing surprised me about the report, it is not the first time a journalist has undertaken this task. The difference between this series and the long list of previous ones on any subject was the comment by the reporter who said (I paraphrase): “We will be following up on this story because at the very least, it is our responsibility as journalists to ensure that the audience is made aware of the result of an investigation which we initiated.” I sat in my chair digesting this comment.

I imagined for moments the Utopia Atenas would be if everyone who initiated an investigation on disturbing practices in our town followed up! The wrongdoers would be encouraged to look elsewhere for their activity and if elsewhere was also persevering, then positive redirection in many areas of our country would be possible. I began to think about all the years that I have been part of a community ‘interested’ in change but not really ‘determined’ to follow through.

The process of change can be exhausting and people often throw in the towel too soon. I was encouraged, by this young reporter’s comments. I have met many young and older people in our town recently who possess the same kind of positive energy. It is amazing how contagious that energy is and how their vitality travels with them from place to place and activity to activity. In the coming months, I expect we will be witnessing many changes in our county and I invite you to become part of them, as I am doing. It beats the alternative, don’t you think?

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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