Humor in daily situations

Dear Friends,

A dreamed of day (as my mom used to say) greets me this morning. I have already taken a short walk, enjoying the gentle morning breeze and the welcome warmth of the early morning sun. I invite you to do likewise and take advantage of these blessings before the day gets away from you.

My parents live in San Francisco dos Ríos (San José) and I visit them one day a week, usually Thursday. With the ‘new’ road (Highway 27), the trip from Atenas to their house should take about an hour. It is hardly ever that way, however, because each new dawn provides opportunities for something unusual to be taking place on the few roads in our ‘Eden’ that lead anywhere and everywhere.

The traffic in San José is always unpredictable. I try to begin my journey by mid-morning but time management is not my strong suit. It is almost always later than I planned by the time I am actually on the meandering road avoiding the massive craters, outwitting the many uncivilized drivers, and yielding to the charming pedestrians who choose the most hazardous routes to make their unhurried way to their destination.

As we sat at a standstill near Paseo Colón on Thursday, I had the opportunity to observe the many street vendors peddling their wares and talents. Who needs to go to the mall when the assortment on the street, is not only cheaper but, comes with the entertaining dexterity of craftsmen who can fashion a grasshopper out of a palm frond right in front of you before the light changes? I try to avoid making eye contact with these individuals because they see right through me: they know that I am easy prey if they can make me laugh, which they routinely manage despite my best efforts to discipline my propensity to do so.

My mother used to comment that I was born with a good disposition. I think it is my love of writing and storytelling that allows me to look at most quotidian events from different perspectives. There is some
measure of humor in almost all situations. Mercurial relationships, difficult people and tiresome procedures
are frequently the subject of my most compelling and amusing meditations and I challenge myself to find the comedy.

I arrived at my parents’ home and quickly hid my new grasshopper, no need to let my Dad see it and give me his stern lecture about being a victim (again)! Our visit was lovely, punctuated with the incoherences my mother (in her advanced stage of Alzheimer’s) occasionally utters. I stayed for a couple of hours and then prepared for the journey back. As I got into my car, I remembered my purchase. I smiled all the way home remembering the antics the peddler used to pitch his product to me. While he may be a few colones richer because of my purchase, I am smiling even now as I write this! I got the better deal, don’t you think?

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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