Difficult people help us grow!

Dear Friends,

I am greeted by a gorgeous Sunday morning and I hope the same is true for you. Get out early and live a day of passion, engagement and gratitude for everything and everyone in your life.

My daughter and I returned home late Thursday afternoon after spending several quiet days in Punta Leona. I use the term ‘quiet’ in a rather loose manner because we were startled awake each morning by the sound of trucks, earth moving equipment and cars driving by our bedroom window. The ‘quiet’ days we used to enjoy at Punta Leona have disappeared forever as the developers turn this formerly lush tropical setting into a small town.

It rained heavily most of the time, which was unfortunate for my daughter who had hoped to get a tan. I welcomed the rain, though, because it provided me with the opportunity to catch up on my long neglected reading, writing and meditating. I made a list of all the things I needed to do at home to prepare for my favorite holiday next week, Thanksgiving. The time went quickly, it seemed we had just unpacked and suddenly it was time to pack up for the trip home. We made our way slowly because the rains continued to accompany us.

On Friday morning, I was awakened by the sound of trucks and earth moving equipment. For a moment, I couldn’t remember where I was, it felt familiarly like Punta Leona. I looked outside and saw that our neighbor was receiving truckloads of dirt which he was dumping against our fence, which is inside our property line. This is the same neighbor I wrote about in 2009 with his burning and bullying behavior towards me. I was too upset to be able to think clearly so I asked my husband to take me shopping for plants, to begin decorating for the season of joy and Thanksgiving!

Saturday morning greeted us the same way Friday had. The tension in our home was almost unbearable, the neighbor had made some very nasty, slanderous comments against my husband and me. I found myself paralyzed by a kind of helplessness and confusion but I was unwilling to be reduced by him. We eventually called the police to come and make an inspection. Our neighbor became belligerent. My husband and I did not engage. The officials were professional and competent and issued a neutral report of what they saw.

Atenas has changed a great deal in the almost 19 years since we first arrived. We have lived on our property for almost ten years. We have witnessed the widespread development as our immediate neighbors maximize their properties as their families grow and need homes of their own. I understand that but I refuse to be bullied and diminished by one person’s disrespect. It is wonderful to be surrounded by people who love us and support us, but personal growth comes when we are challenged to reach deep within and prove what we are made of. I am grateful for these opportunities, disconcerting as they are at the time. How about you?

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate.

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