Art makes its way to the soul

Dear Friends,

Greetings on a beautiful, crisp December morning. The strong breezes and the familiar aroma of tamales in the kitchen are strong reminders that the holiday season has wholeheartedly arrived. Get outside early today and take a look at the creative decorations around your neighborhood as you devote some time to movement.

Last week, I was overwhelmed by the substantial list of important engagements to which I was committed. I am often unable to prioritize my agenda because I want to do everything on it. Last week was different, however, because everything was important and required my personal attention in order for others to be able to complete their tasks. Each time I arrived home, I was careful to ignore the reminders of my neglect (droopy plants, cluttered counters, needy pets) and devoted myself to the tasks that I could quickly accomplish to appease some of the guilt I felt at staying away from home for such long hours and with no pay!

Our daughter is a quiet, self-contained young lady who rarely imposes demands on our time without apology. A few weeks ago, however, she informed me that one of her friends was having one of his paintings displayed at an exhibit on 12/2 in Heredia and that she had promised to attend. I filed that information away in the back of my mind and focused on all the things that I needed to do in the present. The weeks went by quickly and by the time Friday 12/2 came around, I had already accepted a different invitation to an Art Gallery opening here in Atenas.

I was exhausted when our daughter apologetically reminded me of her commitment. I realized suddenly that I was going to have to make an impactful decision. Driving to Heredia on any day of the week is a painful experience; doing it on a Friday afternoon is an absolute nightmare! I weighed the pros and cons and staying in Atenas was winning by a large margin. My daughter’s anticipation at seeing her friend’s work displayed and her resignation to forgo the opportunity forced me to opt for the drive to Heredia.

We left in plenty of time to arrive before 7 p.m., the time we were told the exhibit would open. We arrived at 7:12 totally unprepared for what turned out to be an elegant affair celebrating the 26th Annual Exhibit of the Grupo Taller Hugo Sanchez at the Casa de la Cultura Alfredo Gonzalez Flores. We listened to several short speeches given by the Mayor, members of the Municipal Council and Eddie Mora, director of the Municipal Symphony Orchestra of Heredia, to whom the exhibit was being dedicated. We were then entertained by a concert that included the participation of Costa Rican Soprano Sofia Corrales. Immediately afterwards, the ribbon was cut and the exhibit was officially opened for us to see. The art will be displayed until December 15th.

We spent several lovely hours with my daughter’s friends and eventually made our way back home. We arrived shortly before midnight and when my daughter leaned towards me in the car and said “Thank you Mommy” shyly, I knew that I had made the right decision. It was the perfect ending to an extraordinary week.

Have a great Sunday and an extraordinary week, Marietta

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