A heaven-sent visit

Dear Friends,

Many thanks for the responses last week. I felt very uplifted reading how many of you do await my ‘gentle’ reminders to get out and move about! Don’t forget to follow through on that on this gorgeous morning, wherever it finds you.

On Friday, I met a woman with whom I have been corresponding for a few months by email. She is visiting Atenas for just a few days and wanted to settle a business transaction we had negotiated earlier. I had no idea what to expect but I looked forward to our visit eagerly because she seemed so personable in writing and on the phone. I was immersed in a phone call with a friend when she arrived at our home. My husband and our four dogs were able to meet and greet her before I did. I noticed that our dogs remained quiet and friendly, rather than charging and barking as they often do when a stranger comes to our home.

I concluded my phone call and we finally met. I felt complete ease and serenity. It was as if we had known each other for many years rather than the occasional internet exchange of the last several months. We sat and talked over a cup of coffee (from Atenas, as you know!) and melon. I realized that we had many, many things in common, especially our desire to leave the world just a tiny bit better than when we came into it by being active participants in areas within our reach. The hours passed very quickly. Previous engagements on both our parts for the rest of the day required that we go our separate ways.

I find myself ruminating on the surprising rapport established between my new friend and me in just a first meeting. During our visit, she unscrambled my recently-jumbled outlook. I am able to see that change (slow and modest) has indeed begun in our small county. My spirit has been filled with renewed enthusiasm and commitment to community matters and I am feeling cheerful and hopeful, more myself. The many twists and turns in my life have brought me to this wonderful, diminutive paradise. It is a place many people (like my new friend) are striving to be able to call home. I am gratefully giving back because I am already living my dream. How about you?

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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