Caña Fístula (Golden Rain)

---------------- Dear Friends; It is a beautiful crisp and sunny Sunday morning where I am. I have already done my 'movement' by walking our dogs, watering the plants and sweeping the terrace (the wind does not care that it's Sunday!). I am now sitting with my first cup of freshly brewed coffee (yes, naturally from … Continue reading Caña Fístula (Golden Rain)

Against the odds!

Greetings Friends, A special greeting today during the month of love and friendship. Let's make this day the best we can, moving a little if able and being grateful for the good in our lives. I'll be at Romavista, Barrio Mercedes from 11 to 4 pm at the "Chili Cook-off" and hope to have the … Continue reading Against the odds!

Are we really that indispensable?

Dear Friends, Greetings on a lovely Sunday. Get out early today before the winds arrive and make going out less pleasant. Enjoy doing something different today, maybe calling a friend or relative you've lost touch with. I was always very involved with my children's educational institutions. I participated in as many activities as I was … Continue reading Are we really that indispensable?