Against the odds!

Greetings Friends,

A special greeting today during the month of love and friendship. Let’s make this day the best we can, moving a little if able and being grateful for the good in our lives. I’ll be at Romavista, Barrio Mercedes from 11 to 4 pm at the “Chili Cook-off” and hope to have the opportunity to greet many of you. The proceeds from this activity will be donated to the orphanage “Homes of Life” (Hogar de Vida).

The last several weeks have found us overwhelmed by the appearance of an army of nasty ticks on our four dogs. We suspect we lost a dog to Canine ehrlichiosis four years ago, so it has become very vital to us that our dogs be free of the nasty critters that torment them and us. We went to the veterinarian for advice and medication and as extra precaution, we scheduled an appointment with our fumigator.

We have known this gentleman for the ten years we have lived here. He has worked for us regularly and it was clear to me years ago, that he is an honest, hard-working and gifted individual. We established a nice rapport early on and it has continued all these years. I try to absent myself from the area when he is working because it is very easy for both of us to engage in conversation and forget we each have many other things to do!

Yesterday, he showed up very early and began his work. I was busy with my duties but not so swamped that I couldn’t take a few minutes for a nice chat. We talked about the many subjects of interest to both of us, mostly concerning life in our country and county. At one point found we found ourselves on the terrace looking at a view that has changed alarmingly in just a couple of years. I mentioned the new sounds that I hear as I go about my routine each day. The empty lots that sheltered a few horses for so many years are now occupied by families, their pets and their vehicles coming and going often.

We compared ideas about how to reclaim some of the lost tranquility and privacy. I mentioned landscaping, he mentioned fences. I mentioned the importance of good communication with the neighbors, he mentioned the impossibility of it happening! Each exchange allowed us to commiserate on the decline of community and values. We shared many anecdotes that proved our point. We unexpectedly began recalling the ruthless and uncaring individuals that have crossed our paths.

Suddenly, we both stopped and laughed at our uncharacteristic behavior. Although everything we said previously appeared to be accurate and real, we agreed that when our paths crossed it reaffirmed our belief that authentic and caring people still exist and are worth finding. I was glad we changed a conversation that was disturbingly sinking and got back to our real way of being: the optimists, the ones who really interested in being part of something and who keep believing despite the odds. I work on staying in that arena every day. What about you?

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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