Greetings Friends,

It’s a beautiful morning where I am. The sun shines brightly, the birds are singing and the promise of a lovely breakfast arrives with the aroma of bacon being cooked in the kitchen by my husband. Get out early today and move those bones! You’ll feel wonderful afterwards, and will hopefully thank me for the nudge!

One of my favorite structures has always been the lighthouse. Although it never occurred to me to pursue a career in architecture, I have always been fascinated by the inventiveness and skill evident in constructions that combine beautiful designs with practical purposes. Lighthouses date back to the reign of Ptolemy II (around 270 B.C.) when gifted architect Sostratus completed a magnificent structure towering over the island of Pharos, the main shipping port leading into Alexandria, (Egypt). **

I probably became fascinated with lighthouses as a teenager when I was an avid reader of romance novels filled with dark, mysterious characters and lengthy descriptions of perilous seacoasts and stormy weather. As I write this, I can almost hear a distant resonating foghorn and see the beacon of light from a majestic tower guiding someone safely home. My parents and I went to Maine years ago and we saw many of these distinctive and dramatic buildings. I remember thinking that the day-to-day existence of the lighthouse keeper and his family was one of constant work and loneliness. I was filled with a mixture of sadness and admiration for the people who took these jobs.

Several years ago, I talked to my daughter about my passion for lighthouses. She listened attentively and I found myself examining what it really is about lighthouses that so mesmerizes me. I realize that it is actually the feeling of endurance and indestructibility that captivates me, especially now when everything is disposable and rapidly changing. Our daughter presented us with a beautiful rendition of a lighthouse this week. Every time I look at it, I am filled with admiration for her talent and reminded that I have always strived to belong to the group of steadfast and committed persons who persevere to keep the light turned on. I hope the same is true for you.

Have a wonderful day and a productive week, Marietta

**For more information see:

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