Stretching and Flexibility

Greetings Friends,

It is very early in the morning and the only sounds I hear are those made by the scores of chirping birds outside. I can see the sun
rising in the distance and I am grateful once again for the opportunity to take in these miracles today. Get out early and enjoy this Sunday. Allow yourself to take in Nature’s bounty wherever it finds you and in whatever activity you choose to spend your day.

Our daughter will be spending some days at the beach with friends. As we await the call that informs her that her ride is on its way, I
find that I am in an odd mood. I spent yesterday at an all day Yoga and Creativity activity which has no doubt contributed to my
feelings this morning; a mixture of nostalgia and lightheartedness. Nostalgia because yesterday will never be repeated in quite the same way; lightheartedness because what I discovered about myself has surprised me in the most positive of ways.

I am often impatient and irritated when life’s challenges disarrange my carefully laid out plans. Friday is a perfect example. I sat with a hundred (yes, 100) fellow customers trapped in a ‘system down’ vortex at the bank. I didn’t want to stay but I couldn’t leave, my business at the bank was pressing. I look back now and I am amazed that I was able to conquer the potent desire to scream and complain, I hadn’t even thought to bring a book to read. Without really knowing what I was doing, I concentrated on breathing; on noticing little things about people; on willing my mind to make different plans for the evening, the only thing under my control.

I had never practiced yoga before, intimidated by what I sensed were strenuous, difficult poses my body would be unable to attain or hold for very long. Our instructor had promised me that anyone who could breathe could practice yoga. Since breathing is something I know I can do, I decided to sign up for it. Although the activity was not offered solely to women, only women attended. I came home to research (some things about me will never change!) and found it a curious reality that over 70% of yoga practitioners are women. Our instructor complimented me on my successful first attempt after we were finished. I am pleased to report that my body feels fine this morning. I am ready with a positive outlook for whatever the day brings.

Stretching and flexibility are extremely important aspects of yoga. I realized yesterday, however, that stretching and flexibility are of paramount importance in living a successful day, especially when things are beyond our immediate control. I am grateful for yesterday’s workshop. It was an opportunity to realign my goals and intentions and couple them with the determination to make them real. Determination, conviction and perseverance are within my control. That’s a good start, don’t you think?

Have a wonderful day, and a terrific week, Marietta

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