Walk the talk

Greetings Friends,

After last night’s surprisingly heavy downpour, a glorious morning has been given to us. Let’s go out there early,
in the spirit of renewal and do something different with our day. Whether you are celebrating Easter, in the midst of
Passover or welcoming the beginning of Spring (in Costa Rica, the transition to ‘winter’), live the day with
gratitude for the ability to breathe and move your body.

Last week, I got together with someone to conduct a business transaction. We took advantage of the time we each set
aside for our meeting to summarize the highlights of our lives since the last time we saw each other. I felt unusually
inclined to volunteer details of my activities and interests, no doubt prompted by my listener’s rapt attention. I found
myself sharing a desire to complete an ambitious personal project that has eluded me for years. My companion asked me
whether my inability to complete my project was due to a lack of finances or of time. I responded that it was
a little of both. Our visit ended but the main subject of our conversation has stayed with me all week.

I have considered the reasons why my project has been shelved by me so often during the last five years. It is easy to say
that lack of time and financial and human resources are interfering, but that isn’t the whole truth. The whole truth lies somewhere
between my desire to see my project completed and the self-discipline required to get it started! The gap widens each day.
Not a day passes that I don’t come across a book or some other reminder of my intention and deeply-held notion that I can
achieve this goal. Sometimes when I retire at night, I reproach myself that I have spent no time at all on my project… for yet
another day.

Last month we celebrated our tenth anniversary of living in Atenas. Since I have been an enduring member of all the
community groups I have signed up for since that first year, I have had the opportunity to work closely with a lot of people.
Most of them have been born and raised right here in our little town. They have great ideas; inspirational ideas which they elegantly
convey to whoever is listening at the time. Then they vanish until the next opportunity presents itself and they can
deliver their inspirational thoughts again. They are motivational speakers and I am spellbound by the tolerance from the
(same) audience. I don’t judge it anymore because I understand that it takes a great deal of discipline and energy to go from
the talk to the walk.

I know that self-discipline is hard to conquer and that I am in control of that. Today I will spend time on my project and I
will begin to harness the resources necessary to go from dream to reality. Tonight when I go to sleep, I will not reproach
myself because I know that I will have begun my journey. Making this personal commitment public is my renaissance. What
is yours?

Have a wonderful day and an amazing week, Marietta

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