Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Friends,

A gorgeous sunny morning greets me and I hope the same is true for you wherever you welcome it. Today is Mother’s Day in the U.S. and a host of other countries. I send my very best wishes to all of you (moms and dads) who celebrate and to everyone else as well. The day holds a new opportunity for all of us to make a difference. Get out there early and appreciate the moments!

I heard one of our sons and our daughter talk about Mother’s Day the other day. It surprised me that they were deciding that one of them would ‘remember’ me in May and the other in August, when the day is celebrated here in Costa Rica. I found it amusing that the marketing ploys trumpeting a particular day to celebrate motherhood had so strongly made their way into our children’s minds that it became a topic of conversation between them. I made an effort not to overhear them and resumed work on the personal projects seriously neglected during the last few weeks. The conversation, however, has lingered in my mind and I have given some ample thought to my worthiness of recognition on Mother’s Day.

The Culture Ministry (with other institutions like the Municipality of San José) has devoted an enormous amount of resources to a program called “Fall in Love With Your City”. Each weekend provides an opportunity to enjoy music and culture in different venues throughout San José. The program has met with tremendous success and our daughter is fond of attending the many free concerts offered. Since getting around on public transportation is not always practical, she must often depend on us to take her or pick her up from these activities. She had spent Friday night at a friend’s house, and I was to pick her up after a concert yesterday. I arrived very early and observed hundreds of young people, in unique and colorful wardrobes, enthusiastically singing and dancing to the music. Our daughter invited me to sit with her group. I was touched by her generosity and absence of embarrassment. I declined, knowing myself an anachronism and went in search of a place to have coffee, an afternoon treat I rarely deny myself!

“I was a perfect mother until I had kids!”, I heard a woman say the other day. I reflected on those words while drinking my coffee yesterday and realized that the same was true for me. Before I had our children, I could pinpoint exactly where (in my opinion) other mothers were making mistakes, knowing that the same would never be true for me! Alas, the children came and real life got in the way. All my carefully thought out formulas became irrelevant. I took my chances, made many mistakes and hoped that I was being a ‘good enough’ mother. Most children are extremely resilient, forgiving and admiring of those they love and in whose care they are entrusted to.
My daughter’s big-hearted gesture and her gratitude after we came home made me realize that in her view, at least, I have been good enough. This makes me feel worthy of celebrating today and every day! I am sure you are equally worthy.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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