A long wait!

Dear Friends,

As I awoke this morning, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, my coffee was brewing and in that magical moment, everything was perfect in my world. I hope the same is true for you and I invite us all to take advantage early of the chance to move, to energize and to inspire.

Last week I sat at the bank waiting my turn to make a deposit. If you live here in Costa Rica, you are likely familiar with the BCR procedure: you get a numbered slip, take a seat and ‘rest’ patiently until your number is called. The waiting time depends on the time of day, the day of the week, etc. I do most of my banking online but when I need to go to the bank, I set aside at least one hour for any simple transaction. I love my little town, but I admit the leisurely pace at the bank exasperates me. I try to remember to bring a book since e-readers, iPods, and cell phones are absolutely forbidden!

As I was waiting my turn, I realized I had left my reading material in the car, which I had purposely parked far away to force myself to walk! My number would not be called for some time. I settled for the only other option available to me: people watching. I saw familiar faces, exchanged pleasantries and calmly watched the screen for progress. Sometime later, a mother walked in with her young son and they sat down beside me. The little boy, perhaps 4 years old, came prepared with a small car. He was fidgety in the way of small boys and soon found himself on the floor by my feet, having turned the space around me into a race track. I smiled as I remembered my own son many  years ago relentlessly pursuing amusement while waiting for me to finish my errands with him in tow.

The boy soon tired of racing his car and asked his mother how much longer they would have to wait. When she informed him that their wait would be long, he whined loudly. She (and the rest of us!) firmly ignored his clamor and he went to the water cooler where he expertly filled a cup with water which he offered her. She thanked him absently, drank it and handed him back the empty cup with instructions to throw it in the wastebasket. Long minutes passed and the boy told his mother that he had enough, he was leaving, NOW. She answered quickly, without a glance his way: “You’ll be kidnapped.” I was horrified by this remark, but he took it in stride – no doubt familiar words to his young ears! A few minutes later, my number was called and I went to the window for the three minutes my transaction took.

I was reluctant to leave the bank because I was eager to witness more of the interaction between the boy and his mother as they waited for their turn. Would he dissolve into tears, frustrated and angry as the minutes became hours? Would her remarks become more intimidating as she began to lose her patience with him and the bank employees? Or (my favorite scenario) would that mother and her child become so immersed in a game together that time would pass by quickly and they would soon be happily at home. I am grateful to have shared some minutes with this pair. They reminded me of my own past travails as the mother of young children. As I reminisce, I regret some of my actions and inattentions. Children, however, are extremely resilient! That is a wonderful truth, don’t you agree?

Have a wonderful day, a terrific week and take great care of yourself and your loved ones,

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