Golden Age!

Good Morning Friends,

I hope the sun is shining where you awaken and that you are planning to get out and move about early today.
You’ll feel better and maybe new opportunities and a kindred spirit will find their way to where you are.

Here we are at the end of June. This first half of 2012 has gone by more quickly than any other year
I can remember. My father (who is feeling much, much better after his operation) affirms that it is my
advancing age which makes the days seem to pass quickly. I believe it is the full agenda I take on
week after week that gives me the sensation of always being rushed. Whichever it is, I’ve decided this is a
good time to pause and take stock of where I am versus where I thought I would be with the various
optimistic projects I had in mind in the beginning of the year. I have to be realistic: there is still some time to pick
up the slack on my garden, for example, but being able to play a song on the guitar is probably out of the question since
I haven’t made the effort to learn a single chord!

Last week Atenas was visited by a small crew from SINART’s program “De Pueblo en Pueblo”. The producer was
interested in filming and interviewing people and places that made Atenas worthy of the one hour show. The schedule
that was set up by my colleagues was full of animated and fascinating individuals who have entertaining stories to
share. Although I could not be present for the entire two days of filming, I was delighted to have come in contact with many
hidden gems in our town. It is refreshing to know that after living in Atenas for 10 years, there are still many new places and
people I can see and meet.

Friday afternoon’s closing activity was a presentation by one of the organized Senior Citizen Groups. After the hectic day,
I was happy to have a chance to sit quietly. While waiting for the crew to set up, I seized the occasion to observe the radiant
faces of the golden agers who were eager to show off their talents and not a bit shy about singing and dancing in front of strangers!
Afterwards, I asked the group’s director (himself a senior) how ‘old’ you have to be to join them. I was imagining my own golden
years participating in a similar group. Imagine my surprise when he told me that I was not too young to sign up! I caught a
twinkle in his eye that divulged the lovable rascal he must have been years ago and we both burst out laughing. My spirits
were lifted by this group for they are engaged in their lives at all ages and stages. An example worth following, don’t you agree?

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta


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