Renewal and relaxation!

Dear Friends,

Welcome to another Sunday of renewal and relaxation. I hope the sun is shining where you live and
urge you to seize the opportunity to go outside and make some memories. Try something new today,
something creative and fun that will stretch you and inspire others to join you.

June passed quickly for me. The whole month was an unbroken chain of happenings. I enjoyed
visits from friends and family. I attended many important seminars and meetings. I was present at several
celebrations. June was made up of exactly the kind of busyness that sets me up to become even
more distracted than usual. I became totally absorbed in the enjoyment of all the action. I am expecting a quieter
July, although I have already entered several items on my agenda that I am looking forward to!

Last Wednesday morning, as I was getting ready to do some online banking, I discovered that I had misplaced my wallet
which held all my important credentials. I retraced my steps and called my father, for he was the last person I visited on
Tuesday and I had my wallet when purchasing some groceries for him. When he didn’t find it, I immediately began the process of
reporting the loss and mentally preparing for the tedious task of replacing everything. I am certain my loss was not a theft because no
new charges appeared on my accounts and the balances were intact. I am optimistic that it will turn up somewhere, some day!

I felt terrible when I had to wake my son up to drive me everywhere (next week, I will regale you with my experience
in the San Jose central offices of the DMV[MOPT]). He graciously suggested we make the most of the unexpected time
together to catch up. This was something we had not been able to do because of the excitement going on about us during the
month. While he was at college in New Jersey during the year, we scheduled an hour every week to talk via Skype. Although
we had been living in the same house for almost one month, we had not set aside the time, each one thinking it would just happen!

Losing my wallet has been an accidental blessing and a timely lesson. I have an opportunity to ‘modernize’ my look on some
of my identifications. I have been forced to let go of useless the baggage (in the form of business cards) that crowded its slots and
reminded me of people whose names I had but whose faces I can’t recall. I have a chance to begin anew. I will scrutinize each item
that makes up the content of my wallet the way I analyze each word before it makes it to the final draft of my Sunday writing. I
am confident that the second half of 2012 will find me more attentive and composed. These are great gains, don’t you agree?

I wish you a lovely Sunday and a wonderful week, Marietta


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