Choices and consequences

Dear Friends,

I woke up this morning feeling happy and energized despite the fact that a hazy morning greets me.
Gratitude for my health, my family and friends, and my home reign supreme this morning. I urge us all to take
advantage of this day and exercise our bodies and minds early, participating fully in the gift of a new day.

Last week began sedately for me. I had nothing pressing on my agenda for the first couple of days. I appreciated the
unscheduled hours for they represented a rare opportunity to let the day progress with ease. Armed with such ‘spare
time’, I allowed myself to entertain thoughts of a future filled with mostly days like these: a predictable routine with no schedule
to meet, no goals to reach, no unexpected emergencies to handle and no need to display my ‘aliveness’. Wednesday found
me back at work, proactively making phone calls and scheduling appointments. Thoughts of future leisure were in the back
of my mind, however. I found myself seriously considering ‘unemployment’.

When I was a young college student, my mother suggested I switch to the health sector from the business sector. She
believed I had the makings of a great therapist because of my listening skills and empathy. I remember being
appalled by the idea of ‘fixing’ anybody but my mother assured me no such thing would ever happen. The best therapists,
she said, could only serve as a guides, the real work must be done by the individual whose pain dictates a change in the current
situation. I met both our aspirations by majoring in Organizational Psychology which blends the dynamism of the business
world with the theories of mental processes.

I have been involved in the tourism sector for the last ten years. As a consequence of the ‘choices’ I have made in association
with this sector, I find myself overbooked and scattered, committing much of my time and energy to promoting our
county as a worthy destination for tourists. There are days when I feel discouraged by the lethargy of the very people we are
representing. Their attitude should be regarded as a deal breaker yet I usually find the way to justify them and a reason to place the
blame on myself for not having found the right way to entice them into full immersion. My mother would scoff at my conceit and
remind me that every person is responsible for the consequences of the deals they make, including me. She would not be inclined
to encourage self-pity, she would forcefully suggest self-searching.

I am looking forward to a lazy Sunday devoted to many hours of quiet reflection. I am gazing out one of the bedroom windows I
cleaned yesterday, eliminating the dirt that had clouded it for many months. I am amazed by the things in the distance that I can see clearly now. This unobstructed external view is making me long for an equally unobstructed internal view. Today I begin again
with renewed focus on examining the agreements and commitments I have made. What have I done for me? is a perfectly valid
question which I hope I can answer satisfactorily. How about you?

Have a wonderful day and a great week, Marietta

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