Just breathe!

Dear Friends,
The sounds of my neighbor’s chickens greet me this morning.  It is clear to me that someone has already
begun the day.  I invite us all to live a good day, doing whatever allows us to rest and rejuvenate.  Our
bodies will be grateful for some movement, our minds will welcome some meditation.
Yesterday I was in the company of community leaders and volunteers for a few hours in the morning.  We were involved
in cleaning efforts at different points of the Quebrada Matias in Atenas.   In the afternoon, I was in the company of two of my
dearest friends whom I have not seen for many months.  The day was filled with both physical and emotional pursuits.  When I
finally went to sleep last night, I felt tired and grateful for the day that was ending.  It had been a long week, with many opportunities for frustration and exhilaration.  It was a week that I will never live again, as they all are.
For years, I have been sharing weekly parts of my life with you.  It has been the best personal therapy because
the aspects of the daily existence I select to relate, remind me that I am living a very good life filled with
a variety of activities that keep me fully engaged.  My intent has been to tell my story with the understanding that
can only come from hindsight.  I also hope to provide a little bit of humor so that you notice we don’t need to take anything that
seriously, that personally, or hold on to any resentment for that long.  I have cultivated a habit of looking at things from the
perspective of a person whose attributes are different from mine.   This habit allows me to wake up refreshed and ready
each morning to begin again.
In the last few weeks, I have been invited to be part of two small social gatherings.  I have eagerly accepted
the invitations because these were extended for the sole purpose of exchanging thoughts in a friendly environment.
I am not being asked to provide anything more than my presence (and a snack!).  This contrasts greatly with the role more
often conferred on me:  creek clean-ups,  community projects, information gathering!  I have not attended
either of these social gatherings yet, but I am very motivated.  I will relax and enjoy myself fully, knowing I am not
in charge or expected to do anything! Believe it or not, sometimes (not often, but sometimes) I just want to breathe. How
about you?
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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