Life is a gift

Greetings Friends,
I hope you are waking up to a wonderful Sunday and that you are looking forward to doing some light movement
to go with the rejuvenation of your spirit and mind.  I am drinking my second cup of delicious coffee (from Atenas,
naturally!) while gazing outside my window in Queens, New York.  The sun is trying to peek out from under
the clouds and I expect it will be another very hot and hazy day.  I am grateful for all the things available to me right now,
not the least of which are the ripening figs on the tree that my parents lovingly tended for several decades.
Gratitude is a word that I have been hearing and reading a lot about lately, although the concept is certainly
not a new one.  The new science of gratitude combined with a recent branch of psychology aptly named Positive
Psychology is encouraging people to consciously develop an attitude of gratitude and think of life as a gift.  I
think this is excellent advice since research has shown that being grateful improves emotional and physical health
and strengthens relationships and communities.  (For more:  Dr. Robert Emmons’ best selling book,
“Thanks! How The New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier.” )
I have been very fortunate (and grateful) all my life.   I learned very early about the direct connection of action to
reaction.  As a result, I am always curiously scrutinizing what actions people take to land them in the particular situation
they find themselves in (including myself).  It is a wonderful practice for me because analyzing the workings of the human
mind and its inexhaustible mysteries keeps me from wasting time and energy by repeating mistakes continuously.
“Daily duties and daily breath are the sweetest things in life”, wrote Robert Lewis Stevenson. I would add that a daily dose
of gratitude and good, clean fun are also essential for living a sweet life.  I try to include these essential ingredients each day and I
hope the same is true for you.
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week.  And for all of us moms who celebrate: Happy Mother’s Day of
August 15th, Marietta

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