Every age has its charm


Dear Friends,
It’s a beautiful day here in Queens, New York and I hope the same is true wherever you are.
The sun is shining and the usual hot and humid August weather has not rolled in yet.  I
am grateful for another day and I plan to walk this morning and soak in the special
beauty and diversity this city offers.  Get out early and take full advantage of a new day of
being able to breathe, to move, and to inspire in the places you find yourself.
My week has gone by quickly.  I have been engaged in many activities that have satisfied my need
to be occupied yet I have also been able to spend some time in leisure.  Curiously, my intellectual mind
is more inclined to permit relaxation because the daily grind of New York can sometimes be very hard
work.  I feel more deserving of rest here because I don’t have the paradisiacal landscape surrounding me
every waking moment like I do in Atenas.  I am enjoying myself immensely and with the technological
reality that is the internet,  I am connected to the people and activities going on in my town, something
that is of vital importance to me.
On Friday, I spent the day at Breezy Point, a quiet beach community that is ‘alive’ mostly during the summer
season (Memorial Day-Labor Day), although some people do live there all year long.  I am not a beach
lover but this is a place where you can have the beach all around you and can enjoy it from the comfort of a nice
cabana.  I was pampered all day long and even managed to take a short nap in the middle of the afternoon.  It
was a perfect day, planned by others who I had just met but who felt like old friends immediately.  I was
transported back to childhood, that stage in life that is punctuated with fun and optimism.  I felt very much at home.
One of the people I met on Friday was a woman in her early 80’s who regaled me with stories of the exciting
life she began to live in her golden years when the responsibilities of motherhood were largely dispensed with.  I am
always fascinated with senior citizens who find joy in their lives and promote their own well-being by engaging in
activities on a regular basis.  My new friend remarked that most of her friends had passed away but that instead of
sitting around waiting for her time to come, she decided to make new friends to make new memories with.  I admire
her spirit and I intend to have a similar experience as I ‘mature’.  I often say that every age has its charm when referring to
children, but I am revising that to include everyone of us.  I think it’s a good change.
Have a wonderful day of rest and relaxation and a terrific week, Marietta

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