The mind holds the key!


Dear Friends,
A lovely (if hot!) morning greets me here in Queens.  Despite the fact that it is early on a Sunday,
the constant noise of traffic outside my window informs me that I have been given another day on
earth;  another opportunity to move my body; to breathe; to engage my intellect.  I urge you, as
always, to get out there and live a good day.
Another month is quickly ending.  Here in New York, the hustle and bustle of the end of the season is
palpable on every street, in every establishment and on the faces of the people.  Just one more week
remains of carefree summer for most.  Families everywhere seek out opportunities to celebrate the
last few days before the school year (and its accompanying responsibilities) begins.  In a few short
weeks, the leaves will begin to change color and the summer days will be just a memory.
I am not fond of cold weather.  I avoid temperatures below a comfortable (for me) 65 Degrees F.
I am more productive when I don’t have to think about bringing a sweater or kneading my fingers
and toes in an effort to combat the ‘frostbite’ that is so attracted to me.  Although the fall colors are
breathtakingly beautiful, I find myself equally inspired when I close my eyes and picture them, a testament
to the power of my mind and my ability to control my thoughts when I discipline myself to do so.
As a child growing up in this mesmerizing city, I would transport myself to the simple existence I
remembered having in Costa Rica.  That existence included a daily orange lovingly peeled and presented
to me by one of the various adults who helped our parents take care of us those early years.  In the dreary
and blustery harsh winters of New York which seemed to go on forever, I would will myself to feel that sunshine
on my shoulders as I walked to school each morning.
It was always my dream to move back to Costa Rica.  I am grateful each and every morning when I awaken
to the sound of birds and sunshine outside my window.  Each passing day brings me closer to returning to
Atenas, a place that has asserted its claim on my heart with its restorative powers.   Each day also brings me
closer to leaving this great city which has saturated my life with its own kind of power.  I will be forever indebted
to my parents for the courage they had to dream a different life and teach me that all things are possible if the seeds
of those dreams are planted and tended with perseverance.  I hope my children will one day be able to say the same
about me.
Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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