Water everywhere!

Dear Friends, A sun-drenched morning greeted me today and I trust the same is true for you.  Let's get out there and show our gratitude by participating in charity events around town; by connecting with loved ones we have neglected or by doing something special to renew our spirit.  Tomorrow begins another month! We have lived in our home … Continue reading Water everywhere!

A gentle giant

Dear Friends, A lovely Sunday fitting for rest and relaxation greets me today .  I eagerly anticipate being outdoors later, visiting my garden which has been well-tended during my absence.  Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to see clusters of cherry tomatoes ripening on vines.  I am grateful for another day on earth and urge you … Continue reading A gentle giant

The language barrier

Dear Friends, Welcome to a gorgeous day, another splendid opportunity to demonstrate thankfulness for being alive.  Take a few minutes to meditate on all the blessings in your life and share your joy with all around you. Inhale deeply, release slowly and set out on that early morning walk. I woke up this morning because the sun was shining directly on my … Continue reading The language barrier

Childrens’ Day / Grandparents Day

Dear Friends, After a rainy evening, the sun is shining brightly here in Queens. I am grateful for one more day packed with options and opportunities.   It will make us all feel better to grasp the morning and take care of the daily movement that gets our day off to a good start.  We will not regret spending some of our time in peaceful meditation. Today is Children's Day in Costa … Continue reading Childrens’ Day / Grandparents Day