Drudge work!

Dear Friends,
Another Sunday greets us this morning!  I hope the sun is shining where you are.   It’s a little
overcast here in Queens but I am happy to be able to move around, take in the view and listen
to the birds that are flying around the fig tree outside.  It is never too late to start a good habit, and
maybe September can be the month you commit to making daily exercise part of your routine.
Just a few minutes of movement is all it takes; get out there early and make the most of the day,
I work hard to keep the constantly-growing mountains of laundry at bay.   In Atenas, I am fortunate to
have a washer, dryer and sunshine at home so the process is manageable despite all the other daily
housekeeping components of my days.  Here in Queens, we recently paid to have a technician repair
an ancient (portable) washing machine in my parents’ home.  The machine was fixed and
I was able to do a couple of loads without incident.  Without a dryer at hand, however, I had to use racks
and hangers for the drying part.  Damp clothes were everywhere for a while, but I eventually managed to
fold and put everything away until the next time.
Last week, I was all ready to do more laundry.   I gathered my supplies, placed the machine near the
sink, filled it with water, detergent and clothing and got it started.  I busied myself with other chores and
when I returned,  the machine had completed its cycles.  When I opened the machine to unload the clothes,
I was greeted by the sight of a machine still full of water.  My spirit was deflated as I realized that the original problem
(no draining) had returned.  I removed the drenched clothes and headed for the nearest neighborhood laundromat,
something I probably should have done from the beginning! An hour later, I came home with clean, dry and folded clothes.
I began to mentally prepare myself for the task of manually emptying the washing machine!  I left a message for
the repairman.
The repairman eventually returned my call.  He told me that he would have to charge me again (!) for a visit and
that since the machine was old, he could not guarantee any work.  I decided that the best thing to do was to put the
machine out with the trash on the next garbage day.  I still faced the tedious task of emptying it of water which I
proceeded to do immediately.  After filling and emptying a container several times, I began to feel very sore.  I had
been weeding the garden earlier and my limbs were protesting this repeated abuse!  I took a break and returned to
the task a day later.
The monotony of this activity brought me close to tears on several occasions.   When I felt I could not bend one more time, I remembered the people I know whose livelihood depends on drudgery without any other choice.  I experienced gratitude for the
choices I have.  This energized me sufficiently to complete the task with acceptance.  It took a very long time before I finished.
By that time, my children had returned from an outing and I immediately enlisted my son’s help to get the machine out
of the house!  That accomplished, I made myself a well-deserved cup of tea and had an incredibly satisfying nap. On this
Labor Day weekend, I salute and thank all the people I know who uncomplainingly work at chores I take for granted.
Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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