Childrens’ Day / Grandparents Day

Dear Friends,
After a rainy evening, the sun is shining brightly here in Queens. I am grateful for one more day packed
with options and opportunities.   It will make us all feel better to grasp the morning and take care of the
daily movement that gets our day off to a good start.  We will not regret spending some of our time in
peaceful meditation.
Today is Children’s Day in Costa Rica.  This celebration began in 1954 when the UN encouraged
all nations to set aside a day to promote the well-being of the children who are the future of the nations.
Grandparents Day is being celebrated today in the U.S.  This commemoration of grandparents was the
result of perseverance on the part of a woman from West Virginia who wanted to educate youth about
the contributions seniors had made throughout history.  The first Grandparents Day was celebrated in
1978.  It is a coincidence that both celebrations happen to fall on the same day this year.
I can remember the first mention of Grandparents’ Day in 1978.  My mother, always in the know about
current events and legislation, praised President Jimmy Carter’s signing of the proclamation that made it
an official secular holiday.  Since she was not yet a grandparent, I really didn’t understand why she thought
it was such a big deal.  She told me that the recognition of grandparents was important to her because it
prompted her to remember the role her grandparents had played in her youth.  She was grateful for their
presence and guidance and now had a day in which to reflect on these gifts.
My parents became grandparents for the first time in January 1991 when my niece was born in Kansas!
I was very moved by the joy with which they received the news of her birth.  We did not realize then that in a
year, they would be grandparents for a second time when our son was born.  Our son (now 20) and our daughter
(now 17) have enjoyed a special bond with my parents because they were born after my parents retired and we
have always lived nearby. Whatever shortcomings my parents had when we were children were successfully
overcome by the time they became grandparents, or at least it seems that way to me!
Have a wonderful day celebrating life, children, grandchildren and grandparents, Marietta

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