A gentle giant

Dear Friends,
A lovely Sunday fitting for rest and relaxation greets me today .  I eagerly anticipate being outdoors later, visiting my
garden which has been well-tended during my absence.  Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to see clusters of cherry tomatoes
ripening on vines.  I am grateful for another day on earth and urge you to join me in making the best of it.
One of the tasks that I faced in Queens, New York was to arrange for an old shower body and faucet to be replaced in
one of the apartments there. When the professional plumber showed up at the door, my immediate reaction was one of
anxiety because he had a Herculean build and the bathroom is tiny.   The fixtures were the original ones dating back to around
1950 and I was apprehensive about how he was going to squeeze into the small room to remove the old faucet and put in a
new one.  Since he displayed good humor and no trepidation, I left him to do his work while I resumed my own chores.
From another room, I could hear him working noisily and breathing heavily.   I walked by to check on him and saw his
massive body crouched between the floor and the bottom of the sink.   I worried that he would not be able to get out, but
a few minutes later, I saw him carry the entire sink to the yard.  I assumed the sink was damaged and would need replacement,
but when I inquired he told me that in order not to damage the sink (which was now worth over $500 due to its unique size and
shape) he took it out to pry the old faucet loose because it was lodged so firmly it was almost part of the sink.  He was successful
and a few minutes later, he reinstalled the old sink with its new faucet.  I was very impressed. No more drips!
Next came the shower body.  I could hear loud banging and the unmistakeable sound of tiles and concrete crashing to the floor.
I envisioned an enormous hole and tried to remain calm while he worked away for an eternity.  Hours (yes, hours!) went by and all
I could hear was the hammering and crashing of debris.  I was unable to see the progress because the area was shielded from view
by his body.  I mentally prepared myself for the cleanup and continued with my own work.  When he was finally able to show me
the work he had done I was amazed to behold a relatively small hole and the entire work area completely free of debris.  He had
cleaned up every inch of the shower stall.  I confessed my surprise at his neatness and he told me that he would not like to have
someone come to work in his house and leave a huge mess.  He was a true gentle giant and also a person who knew craft, took pridein his work and put love into it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we all did that?
Have a great day and a productive week, filled with love for what you are undertaking, Marietta

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