Water everywhere!

Dear Friends,
A sun-drenched morning greeted me today and I trust the same is true for you.  Let’s get out there and show
our gratitude by participating in charity events around town; by connecting with loved ones we have neglected
or by doing something special to renew our spirit.  Tomorrow begins another month!
We have lived in our home in Atenas for over 10 years.  During that time, we have experienced the myriad of
maintenance issues common to many homeowners (leaks during heavy rains, electronics damaged by lightning, etc.)
The earthquake earlier this month was responsible for breaking some knickknacks but we were really very
fortunate overall since nothing major was damaged and we were able to confirm that our home has been built to last.
Last week, however, our home was seriously flooded and we had to work for hours on getting the water out
before we could investigate the source of our problem.  It was a shock to us to discover that the culprit was right
outside our bedroom in the form of weeds blocking a drain.  That realization prompted us to clean all the drains
surrounding our home, something we should have been doing routinely.  I was somewhat mollified when my
sharing of this story prompted similar anecdotes from friends who had equal or greater water misfortunes!
As I observed the damage to our laminate floors (a source of pride and joy for me for years), I was overcome with sadness.
This sadness paled by comparison to the regret I felt when I saw that the four large boxes of pictures I thought I would place
into albums ‘later’ were now completely soaked.  I avoided the daunting task of reviewing them until yesterday when I painstakingly
began to unpack them.  Some pictures are ruined but most of them will dry out in good enough condition to make it
(soon) into the intended albums that have been waiting for years for them.  The silver lining in this unfortunate event has been
that I have been able to relive moments of incredible happiness with friends and family that were recorded for that purpose.
I wish you a great day and a terrific week, Marietta

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