World Tourism Day


Greetings Friends,
A spectacular light filled my room this morning, nudging me out of my bed to welcome another Sunday on
earth.  I will probably pack my day with several activities, but the first will be to take a short walk around my
home while I inhale the air that surrounds me and listen to the warbling birds that escort me.  I invite you to
use part of your morning to move around with gratitude and tranquility, before the afternoon rains come.
We recently (September 27) celebrated World Tourism Day.  The observance of the day focuses our attention on the
inherent value of tourism to promote social, cultural, political and economic exchange in the world.  This year’s theme
(selected by the UNWTO General Assembly, focused on “Tourism
and Sustainable Energy”.
On 9/27 I attended a gala event hosted by the ICT at the Hotel Corobicí in San José. Those gathered on this occasion
were treated to a morning of awards recognizing outstanding efforts in the sector interspersed with entertainment, gastronomy,
and crafts specific to the provinces of Limón and Puntarenas.  It was a wonderful opportunity for these two provinces to showcase
their regions’ talents and share their contribution to our country’s thriving position as a worthwhile destination in Central America.
I have been involved in tourism for the last 10 years.  During that time, many changes in the field have taken place.  Tourism
is now our number one industry.  We are the success story that countries like Nicaragua and Ecuador are imitating favorably.
I am embarrassed to admit that despite my involvement in tourism, my own adventures in our country have been limited to the
most traditional and popular destinations.  It is amazing how many of us don’t really appreciate what all the fuss is
about until we have visitors delighted by their discoveries and envious of our full-time ability to enjoy them.  It’s nice to
have someone else’s perspective radiate some light on our reality and prompt us to be thankful.
I wish you a wonderful day and a week of discoveries in your own backyard,

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