A new opportunity

Dear Friends,
Rise and shine to a brand new day!  Let’s get out there early and move our bodies gently while gratefully acknowledging
the gift of life that is ours today.  May we all use it wisely, making warm memories to carry us through the week.
Last week was filled with the kinds of activities and people that convince me I have really found a
place in my community.   The result of all my ‘social’ work has been to make me feel really happy to
find myself at home in the circumstances that surround me.  My ambition has always been to feel content
with the life I am living, knowing I can change the direction any time I choose.  This is an empowering
reality that is available to most of us, even though many of us lack the discipline necessary to see beyond the
present and make a change for a better future.
Each day last week presented me unique circumstances to sort out situations that have troubled me for months.
One casual conversation provided a clear path to follow with respect to the powerlessness that confronts me when I
behold the mountains of paper clutter in my office.   The suggestion that I deal with it for a few minutes at a time was
something I had heard before but never really heard.  I have made tiny progress in the area this week but tiny progress
is better than no progress.
I spend a good portion of my time mentally posing the existential questions we all ask ourselves from time
to time.  There are days when my ‘mission’ seems clear and at nighttime before I close my eyes, I feel
I have lived a good day.  Other days, I know I have struggled to keep the silent subversive in me at bay
while I executed the (often boring) tasks that are part of my every-day life.  On those nights, before I close my
eyes, I invite the sun to greet me in the morning so I can try again.  Our rendezvous are always welcome.
My spirit is, without fail, lifted by another chance to explore an option, improve an attitude, or correct a decision.
May you have a wonderful day, and a terrific week featuring all the things that bring you joy, Marietta

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