Greetings Friends,
I woke to a misty and blurry morning;  an invitation to stay in bed an additional few minutes mentally reflecting on the list of items on my schedule today. The sun is slowly coming into view and I will spend
the next couple of hours concentrating on the first item on that agenda: my Sunday morning e-pistle! Wherever you find yourself, I invite you to breathe and to move around for just a few minutes before you crowd your day with activities and the morning gets away from you.
Nothing for me is as uplifting as executing a task (big or small) that has been put off for too long.  Sometime ago, a spotlight in our bathroom burned out.  We realized it was not a simple matter of changing the bulb.  We would need the services of an electrician friend and his tools to help us.  As our friend and we keep pretty busy schedules, we were unable to quickly take care of this job.
We managed with the remaining working light and brought in a floor lamp from our living room into the bathroom.
This system worked for a while, though I admit the floor lamp shortly became a temporary clothes rack for me!  I eventually stopped turning on the floor lamp fearing I would burn the odd scarf atop the shade.  Last Friday, our friend was available to come and look at the light and a few other items that had appeared in the last few weeks.  He had everything working again in less than one hour!
The first time I turned the light on after he left, I was startled by the brilliance in the room.  I had become so adjusted to the dark, I no longer remembered what the room was really like when it was properly lit.
Over the last few months I have shared with you many of the challenges and victories that have been part of my life.  Many of you write and share your own examples.  This feedback always make me feel good, like we are all on the same journey, making the best of the situations that confront us and seeking guidance and encouragement from those who are part of our life.  My recent experience with the light fixture illuminated other things for me.  Today is a good day to begin to evaluate the aspects of my life that I have grown
accustomed to but may no longer be brightening my days.  How about you?
Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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