Dear Friends,
A majestic morning greets me, and I am grateful for another day.  Join me in getting out early and moving those
muscles!  Participate in something that you enjoy and makes you feel good.  You won’t regret it later when the rains
appear and you find yourself safe (and dry) indoors again.
Spending time with people who share my interests and passions is something that makes me feel instantly uplifted
and part of something special.  Last week, I met with some friends and we talked about the positive impact of
volunteering.  Volunteering bestows enormous benefits on you, your family and the community.  Volunteering
strengthens relationships;  increases social skills; allows one to make new friends and is often responsible for
a community’s ability to overcome great obstacles, like Sandy’s aftermath.
I was very pleased this morning when I read about how more than 2500 volunteers have gone to the parks and
playgrounds of New York City ready to work.  They have collected 10,000 bags of debris.  Some of them even
brought their own boxes of garbages bags to donate to the effort.  I am sure the spirit and dedication of the volunteers
have done much to lift up the morale of the exhausted parks staff who have been working around the clock for days
and know they will need to work for many more days.
I spent a busy week attending to the many household tasks I have let slide in the last several months.  As I
look up at the ceilings this morning, I am gratified not to see those pesky webs dangling from the corners

(thank goodness for those long-reaching brooms!).  I am reminded that domestic chores are a never ending
part of life and that I should undertake them more frequently!  Thinking about the tremendous clean-up efforts
in the U.S. right now makes me selfishly grateful that I live here:  one of the most blessed spots in the world.
As I go about my day today, I will spend time being grateful for my many blessings.  How about you?
Have a great day, a wonderful week and I’ll see you here next time!

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