Dance Festival

Dear Friends,
It’s a splendid morning in my neighborhood, custom-made for that early morning walk.  I urge you to get out there
and move around before the day gets away from you.  You’ll be glad you did it and your body will surely be thankful.
Last night was the annual Dance Festival organized by Tina Newton, Director of Su Espacio.  If you were there (and
about 400 of us were!) then you know we delighted in ballet, modern dance, contemporary/Middle Eastern, Flamenco,
Tango, Swing and even gymnastics.  We took a trip to Spain, Brazil and Egypt from the comfort of our seats (or if you
were too late, standing in the rear of the parish hall.)   We enjoyed the product of all the months of preparation by
the gifted and persevering instructors and students.  More than 40 talented individuals of all ages delighted us with their
dancing and acrobatic talents.
It has always been my belief that dancing has incredible benefits.  It is especially good for children because it calms and focuses
their energies and improves their ability to engage in other activities.  Dancing is an extremely physical activity which builds
strong muscles and promotes greater flexibility, decreasing injuries in active kids and adults.  Dancing keeps the body

conditioned, encourages creativity and discipline and teaches us how to follow instructions.  In addition to all of these, participating regularly in dance classes allows us to broaden our horizons by learning about other cultures and lifestyles.

When Tina Newton opened Su Espacio seven years ago, I applauded her initiative because I knew that something was missing
in our little town, especially for young children with boundless energy and in danger of becoming zoned out by sitting in front
of their television!  Last night’s full house of parents, friends and supporters is proof that her vision has filled a vacuum and has
motivated many of our residents of all ages to engage in an activity that is fun, beneficial and available to us all.  Thank you, Tina
and all the teachers who made a wonderful evening possible for us all!
Have a wonderful day, and a terrific week, Marietta

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