Renewed commitment

Dear Friends,

A gentle breeze accompanied the sun this morning when I awoke. It was a cheerful invitation to rise and welcome
another day! As I write these lines, the aroma of freshly baked banana cake and muffins fills the air. I am deeply grateful for
all my senses. I simultaneously breathe in the smells and stretch my body. I urge you to get out and move a bit
in the morning. Living an unencumbered day is a wonderful gift which I hope is yours today.

During the past week, I made it a point to observe my neighborhood as if I were looking at it for the very first time, like a
a prospective resident might. It was especially refreshing and satisfying when I did this after spending some time in San José.
It is hard to describe the intensity of my feelings of nostalgia when I remembered how much ‘greener’ Atenas used to be.
Sentimentality about something gone forever is not practical, however, and I am a very practical person. Instead of getting
stuck in ‘regret’ mode, I mentally renewed my pledge to actively (but gently) work to raise awareness where needed.

November is my favorite month of the year. I use November to assess the past year and begin to create plans for
the coming year. November is my month to show appreciation formally by sharing a special meal with family and friends,
many who have been with me for years and recent additions with whom I am quickly building strong bonds.

The flowering of the sugar cane off in the distance in a sign that the rains are ending; that Thanksgiving is right around the
corner and that the December breezes will soon be here. It is time to move anything that is not firmly planted or I will risk its
blowing in the wind! It is time to decorate for the holidays and change the scenery a bit. I invite you today, if you haven’t
already done so, to begin a tradition of gratitude for all the things in your life, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving formally
like I do, or not. Feeling grateful is a wonderful habit to begin to incorporate in your life.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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