Christmas Breezes!

Dear Friends,

Greetings on this sunny morning.  The cool December breezes
are reminding us that Christmas is in the air.  The holiday spirit
is all around us, the superficial focus on spending and partying notwithstanding.  It’s a great day to get out and do something fun
with loved ones.   Move your body in gratitude for the fact that you
have awoken to another day.  Today is a new opportunity to
participate in the life you were given.
Sarchí is hosting a traditional oxcart parade today.This Costa Rican
tradition has been recognized by UNESCO as an oral and intangible contribution to humanity.  The National Monument to the Costa Rican
Oxcart Driver  has its home in Los Angeles de Atenas.  It pleases me
immensely whenever I see children playing in the little park or visitors
taking their pictures in front of the monument.  It is wonderful to
celebrate a tradition that remains an important aspect of agricultural
life in many of our rural towns.

I am amazed by the spirit of the oxcart drivers in all kinds of weather.
The distances they travel during the year serve to remind us of their
existence and they are inspiring.  Most of these men, women and children
are still farming their land to bring us a product that is labor-intensive, and whose goodness cannot be compared with the product we purchase from supermarket shelves.   It is exhilarating to watch those whose livelihoods depend on this tradition, (known as boyeo) and I invite you all to learn more about it when the opportunity comes to you.

We are already into the last month of 2012.  Every year seems to be shorter than the one before it! I invite you to make the most of the remaining days of this month, focus on spending your time (and money) wisely and
with people and activities that bring you joy.  Begin today, it’s a good habit!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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