Peace, Health and Prosperity for 2013!

Dear Friends,
I awaken with renewed energy on this gorgeous (if windy!) sunny Sunday.  I hope you have all enjoyed wonderful celebrations
and I urge you to get out and observe nature while you move about during your daily routine.
We had a lovely Christmas celebration with family and friends.  I am thankful for the pleasure taken by all in these gatherings.  It
is always our intention to get together more often during the year, but with our busy lives and growing responsibilities,  the
years pass too quickly.  The day of our annual ‘festival’ is one we set aside and commit to attending.  It is an opportunity to catch up,
review the ups and downs of our year and begin to share the plans we each have for the coming one.
Every celebration is different because we never know who is going to attend our open house.  Every year leaves me feeling
replenished and enthusiastic about all the things that each of us is planning or has shared.  After more than a decade, we have
become a cohesive group of supporters who relish the opportunity to be together once a year.  This year, we had the added
bonus of visiting family from Hawaii, including an energetic and happy two year old who is a reminder of how quickly time
passes.  I will be forever thankful that our circumstances made it possible for me to enjoy our children at that age without the
stress of rushing off to work outside the home.
I spent a wonderful hour at Vista Atenas B&B yesterday, getting a tour of the place from the owner.  I am in awe of all the things
I experienced there. Today, I will turn my attention to chores long neglected during the last crazily busy weeks.  I will sweep and
dust.  I will put away many of the bowls and special plates that were used for Christmas.  I will devote some time to my collection
of house plants, including the African Violets that continue to surprise me with little flowers even as I desert them for other activities.
Nature and its pure magic have a way of always astonishing and pacifying me.
My very best wishes to each and every one of you for the coming year.  May it be everything you want, need and deserve.

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