Natural Rhythms and Inclinations in 2013

Dear Friends,
It is wonderful to greet you on this sunny Sunday morning.  My hope is that all of us enjoy
clarity and focus in 2013, making the best of each day so that we go to sleep at night with a
deep sense of satisfaction.  Begin today by making a habit of smiling, stretching and taking a
short walk before your day gets going.  You’ll feel better and your body will benefit as a result
of gentle movement and proper breathing.
We will be heading to the airport later this morning to drop off family who were visiting from Hawaii.
They have a long journey back to their home over the next day or two.  Hopefully, the good memories
of the days they spent here will make the trip seem shorter.  We have enjoyed their visit and the opportunity
to show them our charming town. There are many things that I take for granted because I live here permanently.
Those things include the sun and the birds greeting us each morning and our warm-hearted neighbors who
notice we have visitors and generously prepare bounties of homemade goodies to have with our afternoon
Family visits are always a time of reflection for me.  Our guests have an active two-year old who reminds
me of our children when they were that age: lively, curious and always ready to engage in another activity.
It is refreshing to experience life from that point of view.  Everything holds promise and our natural inclinations
and aptitudes are evident to the careful observer.  I am looking forward to living more of my days this year
paying attention to my own natural rhythms and inclinations because I know that doing the opposite does not
benefit anyone, least of all me.  How about you?
I wish you a wonderful day, an exceptional week and a great beginning to a healthy and prosperous 2013!

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