Security, support and love

Greetings Friends,
A beautiful day is ours!  Let’s get out there and move around a bit before tackling whatever
activity we have planned for the day.  Today is a great day to begin to practice the good habits
that will help us live long and fruitful lives.
This weekend is the first time in a long time that our family has had nothing special planned.
After weeks of full-on activity, it has been wonderful to experience the downtime which is so
essential for the restoration of our energy.  We have also had the opportunity to spend quality
time together as a family, even though that quality time might just mean that we are all in the 
same room pursuing our individual interests.  
Yesterday, I spent much of my day engaged in mundane tasks that had been long forgotten.  I 
meticulously dusted the nooks and crannies of many of our doors, finding the repetitive motion an 
invitation to daydreaming.   I was prompted to reflect on where I am in my life and where I want to
be.  Every now and again, it is important to stop and check the direction our life is headed so we can
make the changes or adjustments necessary.  It comforts me when I see steady (even if slow) progress
in the areas of my life where I have challenges.
Sometime in the afternoon, I vacuumed our living area with unequaled passion.  It felt good to
go after the dust with a powerful machine that matched my energy.  I was sure at one point that someone 
in the family would ask me to stop.  I was surprised when instead I found our son sound asleep on the
couch despite the flurry of activity going on around him.   It was a clear reminder that in our home, this 
particular room is still the place that provides him with a sense of security, support and love, feelings my
husband and I have sought to kindle in those who enter here.  
May you have a wonderful day filled with activities and people who give you a sense of security, support
and love, Marietta

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