Premio Magon

Greetings Friends,

An absolutely superb morning salutes me today and I hope that wherever you find yourself, the same is true for you. 
Partake of nature’s magnificence by doing something you can look back on and remember with gratitude.  Call a friend 
to join you on an outing, visit a new place or take yourself somewhere you feel at home. The idea is to move!
This past week, my daughter and I went to an art exhibit at the Casa de la Cultura Alfredo Gonzales Flores in Heredia. 
The exhibit was dedicated to Costa Rican sculptor Olger Villegas Cruz, who was recognized with the Magon Award*
in 2011 for his outstanding career.  In addition to being a first-rate sculptor, Mr. Cruz is an entertaining storyteller and
a wonderful singer who charmed us with his rendition of several well-loved songs.  I was mesmerized by his simple and
sincere description of how he has lived his life on his own terms.  He confessed that while his art has not made him a rich 
man it has undoubtedly made him a free one, something he encourages all artists to seek.   
I have always admired people who devote themselves to careers in the arts.  My practicality and complete lack of talent 
in this area made it impossible for me to ever consider an occupation that depended on selling one of my creations in order to
fulfill my basic needs.  Every artist is driven by something deep within.  This internal urge allows artists to transcend
the angst and uncertainty felt by a mere mortal like me and externalize their perspective for consideration.  It is imperative
that art programs in public schools in Costa Rica and elsewhere be given more funding for the good of us all.
The dry season we experience in Costa Rica every year usually makes me long for the days of green and lush panoramas.
The profuse and tender canopy of the trees prevents me from giving any thought to the branches and trunk that are also
a part of them.  I was caught by surprise yesterday when I found myself admiring the beauty of the leafless trees that now
make up our landscape.  One particular tree’s branches revealed the design which will perfectly cradle the gorgeous
canopy we will see in a few months.   I would not have been able to appreciate this tree if I had not seen a detailed oil
painting of a similar one proudly displayed at the art exhibit we attended. My exposure to the arts in my education
was seriously hindered by my need for financial security.   I take every opportunity now to experience art in museums,
exhibits and workshops.  Art reaches my soul and fills me with gratitude. 
I wish you a wonderful day and a great week, Marietta
*Premio Magon is recognition from the government of  Costa Rica to a citizen who has devoted his life to culture.
It is named as homage to Manuel Gonzalez Zeledón (Magon), Costa Rican writer.  

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