Mental Pictures


Dear friends,
A gorgeous renewal Sunday greets us.  Let’s get out and move our bodies early, before the winds
get stronger.  It is good preparation for the upcoming week and a wonderful habit to acquire or continue.
We have already said goodbye to 26 days in 2013! Despite my experience with how quickly time
passes, the end of each month usually catches me by surprise.  My written agenda/calendar is a great asset because it provides me with evidence of where my days have gone.  This year, I have promised
myself to be realistic and commit to only those projects that are meaningful to me and have a positive impact on my community.  I have also pledged to allow myself more leisure time devoted to contemplating nature and de-cluttering my immediate environment.  It takes real discipline for me to stay focused but I know it is doable.
I am looking out my window at the beautiful mountains that surround me each morning.  It is a view that I long for whenever I spend time away from Costa Rica.  We are blessed with a marvelous setting that is hard to compete with.  My upcoming trip to New York will find me with plenty of mental pictures (and real ones!) to keep me company while I am away.  I feel blessed that I am able to live in an environment for which I am totally suited and in which I thrive.
One of my goals in sending you these weekly musings is to motivate you to be an active participant in your own life.  I have discovered that sharing my stories with you has opened a channel of communication between us that has become a vital component of my daily experience.  I am more observant of the minute details of situations that occur around me.  Conveying my ‘adventures’ so that you can relate to them is a challenge I encounter each Sunday morning.  Your feedback is always refreshing and very much appreciated.  
Have a great day and week, Marietta

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