A lesson in humility

Dear Friends, Greetings on a gray, crisp February morning in New York.  The cold breezes outside contrast with the warmth inside our apartment.I am eternally grateful that we are blessed with a place to stay when we come here.  Get outside early today and take a look around your neighborhood as you devote some time to gentle … Continue reading A lesson in humility


In an instant

Dear friends, It's Sunday morning and I greet you from chilly New York where I currently find myself. Get out there early and move around, be grateful and kind to the body that protects all of the trillions of cells that are found inside us all. Last Sunday was the 6th annual chili cook-off in our town.  I was … Continue reading In an instant

Give a little of your time…

 Greetings Friends on this beautiful morning, The month of love and friendship is a good opportunity to show your love and appreciation for those who are a part of your life, including yourself.  Today is a wonderful day to establish a routine of movinggently and consistently.  Do it early so you can head over to Romavista, Barrio Mercedes from 11 to … Continue reading Give a little of your time…