Morning Musing

Dear Friends,
Greetings on another gorgeous Sunday morning.  Breathe deeply and take this opportunity to be fully present in the moment with your body and your mind.  A few minutes of gentle and loving movement helps reconnect us with the creative ideas that have a way of disappearing as we engage in the daily routines that keep most of us so busy.  Celebrate this day in whatever way brings you joy.
Writing brings me joy.  Having lots of spare time to sit and create magnificent sentences and paragraphs allows me to feel deeply connected with myself and with everyone who reads my musings.  Alas, there are very few minutes in my days which I can literally call ‘spare time’.  I am rarely able to actually write down the creative sentences and paragraphs that come so easily when I am engaged in other duties. By the time I really take my place before my computer, the inspired musings have left me and I sit and stare at the blank page wondering what led me to believe I had anything to say!
My mother has Alzheimer’s disease.  She has been bedridden for a long time and enjoys full-time care at home.  I visit her and my father once a week and I am always grateful that she is still with us and that her request not to be taken to a nursing home is one we have so far been able to grant.   My mother had a tremendous influence on my life.  I used to envy her boundless energy, independence and unapologetic personality.  I find it difficult to accept and very confusing that she succumbed to a disease that has made her completely dependent on others for her care.  I treasure the tiny glimmers of lucidity I catch once in a
while, they keep me alert!
One regret I will always have is that I didn’t write down more of my mother’s marvelous stories or the quirky philosophy that made her so unique.  She always wanted to write her memoirs and asked me often to help her do it.   Our time together, however, was always spent on talking about current events and future endeavors, spending time in the past seemed like something to do ‘tomorrow’.  I am thankful that I have learned a valuable
lesson and now spend time talking about the past with my father who has been able to fill in many blanks.  It is never too early talk with our loved ones about things that really matter.  Don’t you agree?
Have a wonderful day full of discoveries, and a terrific week, Marietta

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