Give a little of your time…


Greetings Friends on this beautiful morning,
The month of love and friendship is a good opportunity to show your love and appreciation for those 
who are a part of your life, including yourself.  Today is a wonderful day to establish a routine of moving
gently and consistently.  Do it early so you can head over to Romavista, Barrio Mercedes from 11 to 4 pm
to the 6th edition of the “Chili Cook-off”.  I look forward to greeting you.  As always, the proceeds from 
this activity will be donated to the orphanage “Homes of Life” (Hogar de Vida). This wonderful event,
founded by Tom and Kay Costello (Kay’s Gringo Postres) has grown each year since the first one in 2008.
The last several weeks have found me busily getting ready for a trip to New York this coming week.  I have 
not been in New York during the month of February for more than 20 years!  It will be an interesting time.  I
am curious to see how my body and mind will react to really cold weather.  I feel chilly just driving into San Jose
each week, so acclimated am I to the ‘best climate in the world’.  I remember all those years of rushing in and out of
buildings, subways and stores (sometimes with children in tow) and wonder how I did it! I suppose necessity was
my guiding light.  I had a household to run, children to entertain and I knew I would be coming back to the warmth.
I don’t think about winter often, especially since I am living the grand adventure I conceived long ago: returning
to my birthplace, living the best life I imagined.  Living the best life, for me, includes volunteering some of my
time to projects that I really believe in.  Abundant research is available which supports the idea that volunteering is
wonderful in making us feel connected to our community and leading lives with purpose.  Many wonderful things 
result from volunteering and I urge you to give some of your time to the community in which you live.  You never
know what wonderful surprises you might find.
Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta 

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